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Automated Security Testing

Continuously guard your remote sites or fully integrate Automated Security Testing on-premise into your software delivery pipeline and optimize it for your targets using open source tooling such as OWASP ZAP.

Monitor and scan your applications 24/7 for security defects.

With automated security tests a large number of security leaks can be detected. It particularly lends itself for significant vulnerabilities in the injection category, for example SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting, XML injection and so on.

Looking for a quick vulnerability scan on your production environment or a pro-active solution that integrates seamleassly in your SDLC? We offer both solutions to fit your needs!


Continuously scan your applications & services.

Our automated security testing framework can be used to periodically/continuously scan your remote sites, services, APIs to identify vulnerabilities.

We don't just throw some standard vulnerability scans at your systems. We start with an intake and manually analyse your target systems and technology to select and fine-tune the best mix for the job.

Where needed, we write custom helper scripts to reach important and securitycritical areas of your systems. We strive to get the highest coverage and depth possible in automation.

When combined with our proactive services such as Agile Security Testing or Security Code Reviews, we will use the acquired intel, such as known weak areas, to even further optimise the remote scans.


Fully integrated into your Agile / DevOps flow.

Automated security testing is a very effective tool when integrated into your Agile / DevOps workflow, to proactively scan your applications while still building.

Our team has done various successful integrations at varying companies, running many scans on a daily basis.

Available automated functional tests (with Selenium for example) will be used to easily boost coverage and depth of the testing.

This (on-premise) solution monitors your application 24/7 for security defects. Ideal for Agile/DevOps teams where applications change rapidly! Security findings are presented in a dashboard (or integrated with your current tools) which enables usersto review, edit and comment on issues easily.

Manual verification

Any issues identified will be manually verified and classified so you will receive a clean and prioritized list of findings, reproduction steps and actionable recommendations. Everything needed to focus your efforts on risk mitigation and fixing right away. When needed we demonstrate findings, answer questions and help you get things fixed and become security smarter along the way.

Coverage - Default

Blackbox / Spidering.

Coverage - Finetuned

Application / Code knowledge.

Automate the automatable.

Web vulnerability scan tools like OWASP Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) can be controlled in an automated manner and are therefore perfectly suitable for our Automated Security Testing. OWASP ZAP is a free to use, open-source security application which can scan web applications for known security issues, like vulnerabilities included in the OWASP Top 10 security bugs.

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