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Automated Security Testing

Get a Remote Quick Scan or integrate Automated Security Testing into your software delivery pipeline and optimize it for your targets using open source tooling such as OWASP ZAP.

Monitor and scan your applications 24/7 for security defects.

With automated security tests a large number of security leaks can be detected. It particularly lends itself for significant vulnerabilities in the injection category, for example SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting, XML injection and so on.

Looking for a quick vulnerability scan of your environment or a full intregration in your SDLC? We offer both!

1. Remote Quick Scan

Looking for a cost-effetive and quick way to get an overview of the security state of your environment? With a Remote Quick Scan we can identify major issues as well as outdated and vulnerable software.

The Remote Quick Scan report includes a prioritized list of findings, reproduction steps and actionable recommendations. Everything needed to focus your efforts on risk mitigation and fixing right away. We demonstrate findings, answer questions and help you get things fixed.

2. DevOps Integration

Automated Security Testing implemented in your software development life cycle. Automated functional tests (with Selenium for example) can be used to improve the coverage of the security tests.

This (on-premis) solution monitors your application 24/7 for security defects. Ideal for Agile/DevOps teams where applications change rapidly! Security findings are presented in a dashboard which enables users to review, edit and comment on issues.

What is the difference between a Remote Quick Scan and DevOps Integration?

Remote Quick Scan consists of security scans using the latest tools on your environment. This is the fastest, most cost-effective way to get a first overview of the security state of your environment. It is recommended for companies that do not often change their applications. Therefore the scans are run on your environment in a lower interval.

DevOps Integration combines the tools used by the Remote Quick Scan and implements this in the software delivery pipeline of the customer. It enables continious scanning of your applications for security defects. This solution is ideal for DevOps/Agile teams where applications change rapidly and where 24/7 monitoring is needed!

During an intake (free of charge) we discuss your project and the best option that fits your goals and budget.

Remote Quick Scan

An overview of vulnerabilities and security state of environment. Findings report. Lower interval. Fast and cost-effective. Remote scanning (Cloud).

DevOps Integration

Higher interval scanning. Short feedback loop. On-premise solution. Integration in team. Dashboard. Continious Support. Ideal for DevOps/Agile. Raise security awareness within your teams!

Web vulnerability scan tools like OWASP Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) can be controlled in an automated manner and are therefore suitable for our Automated Security Testing. OWASP ZAP is a free to use, open-source security application which can scan web applications for known security issues, like vulnerabilities included in the OWASP Top 10 security bugs.

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