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Penetration Testing / Ethical Hacking

During a security test (penetration test) we engage in a coordinated attack to break the security of your systems. Our highly skilled specialists perform an in-depth examination of your targets to pinpoint any vulnerabilities. We will dig deep to make sure we uncover all issues that might pose a threat to you or your clients.

Get assurance that your applications are secure.

We know the ins and outs of the latest threats and security measures. Our experts have extensive technical expertise needed to conduct a thorough security evaluation of your environment.

The right choice for your goal and budget.

"I need a pentest" can mean many different things. Remote, local, automated, manual, blackbox, whitebox, brief, in-depth? We want to make sure you get what you need. During an intake (free of charge) we discuss your project and the best option that fits your goals and budget.

Compare yourself to your peers.

Over the last decade we have tested hundreds of applications amongst a large number of industries such as banking, insurance, health, government, retail, telecom, gaming, software and postal. We know the common ground shared in web and mobile application security. We can tell you how your security level matches up against your industry peers.Are you doing worse, average or better?

Actionable advice for developers and management.

Your report includes a prioritized list of findings, reproduction steps and actionable recommendations. Everything needed to focus your efforts on risk mitigation and fixing right away. In the management summary technical risks are translated to clear business risks. How can attackers harm your business via our (technical) security defects? We demonstrate findings, answer questions and help you to get things fixed.

From banks to start-ups.

Security is important to all of us, no matter your type or size. At Securify we continuously pentest huge internet banking applications as well as apps of small start-ups on a daily basis. Our projects can range from a day to several weeks. Don't hesitate to tell us about your project. We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you, free of charge.

We tell you how your security level matches up against your industry peers. Are you doing worse, average or better?

How we work

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    During the intake (free of charge) we discuss your project and tell you more about us and our modus operandi. The main purpose is to collect all the information we need to create our proposal (plan of action).

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    You will receive our proposal, including a detailed overview of the activities, deliverables, planning and costs.

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    When the proposal is accepted, we deliver a list of all the things that need to be prepared for the testing activities.

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    Executing activities

    The scheduled security testing activities will be executed in the planned time window. During the test frequent updates of findings and progress will be shared.

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    Findings meeting

    Once all testing activities have been executed, a findings meeting will be arranged to explain, demonstrate and discuss findings, impact and fixes.

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    FInal report

    The results of the assessment will be reported in detail. Each finding will consist of a description of the risk, instructions on how to reproduce and verify the finding, and a recommendation on how to resolve the finding or to mitigate the risk.

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