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Proactive Application Security.

We help clients to secure their applications, from design to go-live.

  • Web.

  • App.

Find. Fix. Prevent. Teach.

We go beyond security pentesting alone.
For our clients we are their trusted partner in designing, building,
testing and maintaining high secure web and mobile applications.

  • Design security

    Threat modeling and design reviews provide you with a prioritized list of threats, attacks and countermeasures that apply to your application.

  • Code security

    A code review is an in-depth examination of your code to pinpoint security defects and provide actionable advice to fix and prevent them.

  • Security testing

    With a security test we perform an in-depth examination of your full (running) application to identify security defects and missing measures.

We tested hundreds of apps, portals, sites services and everything else you can think off

Managed Responsible Disclosure

Putting your RD page online is easy, but are you also ready to handle incoming bug reports fast and sound?

It can be challenging to instantly allocate security expertise and get into immediate action when your next RD comes in.

We are a team of 15 security and RD experts, operating from Amsterdam, ready to deal with your next RD.

We are your RD Response Team!

Staying ahead through leading security research

Our research revealed critical vulnerabilities in many well know products
Resulting in security updates for hundred of millions of users all around the globe

  • adobe
  • amazon
  • apache
  • apple
  • cisco
  • citrix
  • microsoft
  • oracle
  • pinterest
  • viber
  • websense
  • wordpress

Securify Labs

We secure apps and sites used by millions of people every day

With over a decade of experience, we recognise flaws fast and know how to fix and prevent them efficiently.

We tested hundreds of apps, portals, sites services and everything else you can think off

Latest security advisories


Authorization bypass in InfiniteWP Admin Panel

Sipke Mellema, July 2016


Command injection in InfiniteWP Admin Panel

Sipke Mellema, July 2016

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Who we are

We are a young, passionate team of software security people. On a mission to help others to build secure software.