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Application Security Experts

Pentesting - Source Code Reviews - Agile Security - Red Teaming

Securify helps organisations to secure the software that powers their business. To keep their data and users safe! It is our passion to identify and prevent security bugs and to make people security smarter along the way.

Our Services.

  • Source Code Review

    The most accurate and efficient way to identify and detect vulnerabilities. Our team reviews millions of lines of code each year, with which tons of security defects are revealed.

  • Pentesting

    Let our highly experienced ethical hackers check your application for the presence of vulnerabilities and/or points of improvement.

  • Agile Security Testing

    While you focus on building awesome applictions, we take care about security and making your team security-smarter along the way.

  • Red Teaming

    Our highly experienced multidiscipline RED team performs a coordinated attack on your organization's digital, social and physical security. Analysing your detection and response capabilities (the Blue Team).

  • Mobile Security Testing

    We test and secure apps since the first banking apps were built. We know every little detail of the latest emerging threats and defenses in modern apps.

  • Automated Security Testing

    We integrate automated security testing into your software delivery pipeline by using open source tools such as OWASP ZAP.

  • Security Awareness

    We provide custom-made workshops to improve the security awareness in your organization, with specific content based on the most applicable threats and technologies for your organisation.

  • Smart Contract Security

    Security vulnerabilities in smart contracts can result in substantial financial losses. If you are developing them, it is never too early to start with security code reviews to harden your code.

Red Teaming

In Red Teaming, Securify uses all means necessary (software vulnerabilities, social engineering and more) in a coordinated attack oriented towards your organization's systems and infrastructure. We employ the tools that bad guys might leverage to compromise your digital assets!
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About us

Securify was founded by security experts from ABN AMRO, Delta Lloyd and Rabobank. We all share a clear vision about what organizations need to build highly secure web and mobile applications with minimal delays and security built-in from the start.

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